At a glance

Municipality of Lefktros is found at the middle cape of the Pelloponeese, a part of Mani kai consists of 19 municipal departments.

The capital is Kardamili with 6.000 inhabitants. The natural beauty of the area, its histroy, its tradition, the militancy and bravery of its people through the national adventures sets it next to areas that have become symbols such as Crete, Ipiros, Macedonia and others.

Ritsa, Kalamitsi, Foneas, Kaminia, Kalogria, Stoupa and Platis Ammos or Pantazi are the main beaches of the region that combine sand and crystal waters, all ideal for swimming.

There are also many spots that are difficult of approach for the lonenly visitors The impressive succesion of the scenery is a pleasant surprise for the visitor. Steeply rocks, caves and canyons harmonize with olive groves, picturesque beaches, small ports, little islands and brackisness.

The castle of Stoupa, Kazantzakis’ mines in Prastova, the towerhouses at the old part of Kardamili and its small island, the cobbled roads, the fountains on the streets, the traditional bridges and the scattered byzantine churches around the villages, all contribute to the particularity of the region.

Colours and scents of all kinds of wild flowers and herbs welcome the visitor at any time of the year.

The climate of the region is warm, mediterranean. There are green winters and a lot of sunlight that make it a touristic destination all year long.

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