Homer is the first that refers to Kardamili as one of the cities that Agamemnon would give to Achilles as part of dowry.

At the same place, mythology informs us, the Nereids celebrated with Piros, the son of Achilles, when he passed by on his way to marry Hermiony.

Pafsanias, going through the region, reports that he saw the statue of Asklipios and of Ino and also one of Kassandra, a fetish of Apollo, a statue of Zews and a sanctuary dedicated to Athina along with the statue of the goddess.

He also reports that at the island Pefnos (Agios Dimitrios) that is said to be the birthplace of Dioskuroi, he saw a statue of the brothers.

During the byzantine years, the region was part of the Mistra’s domain and later on the people played a leading part at the declaration of the national revolution and liberation of the country from the Turks.

In particular, on the 21st of March 1821, Mayromixalis and his soldiers after giving sacred oath to fight against the turks in Aeropoli, he reached Kardamili where he united with Kolokotronis’ troops and Mourtzinos’ veterans from Mani.

They liberated Kalamata on the 23rd of March and continued the stuggle for the ressirection of the nation.

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