...the oldest village of the municipality

The traditional culture is intense here. The village is set 6 klm away from Kardamili and oversees the Messenian Gulf from a Taigetos slope angle.

It is the oldest post – byzantine build up area, a considerable economic and religious centre.

It was a permanent war zone for the Turks who burnt it down in 1650 and forced 360 of its inhabitants to move to Tarantas in Italy.

Today there are more than 200 old settlements with distinctive characteristics and 40 small ornated churches with excellent hagiographies and symbols.

The nine jet spring of the Melissinians from Mistras, the monastery of Agii Theodoroi, the two old beldfries and the unique stone bridge represent monuments of popular architecture.

Address: Επαρχιακή Οδός Προάστιου-Εξωχώριου ,Προάστιο,240 22,Ελλάδα

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